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Please Be Kind
Please Be Kind
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♪Please Be Kind/プリーズ・ビー・カインド
ジミー・ヴァン・ヒューゼン (詞)Sammy Cahn

オスカーを4度受賞し(ノミネーションも22回)、フランク・シナトラのためにも多くの曲を提供した。邦画「ハッピーフライト」(2008年11月15日に公開された日本映画。監督は矢口史靖)で主題歌に使われたフランク・シナトラが歌うCome Fly With MeはSammy Cahnは、Sammy Cahn代表曲。

ジャズ・ギタリストのSteve Khan(スティーヴ・カーン)は息子。

Sammy Cahnについて
音楽制作 HERO'S BLOG』を参照

サール・チャップリン Saul Chaplin(詞)

Saul Chaplin について を参照
★Please Be Kind/プリーズ・ビー・カインド の動画
.Django Reinhardt - Please Be Kind (1938)

.Please be kind -Jane Monheit

.Please Be Kind - Mildred Bailey


.Carmen McRae - Please Be Kind / Dream of Life

★Please Be Kind/プリーズ・ビー・カインド が載っている楽譜


「スタンダード・ジャズのすべて―ベスト401 (1) 高島 慶司 」


★Secret Love/シークレット・ラヴ おすすめCD

♪An Evening with Sammy Cahn [Live] [Import] [from US]

Sammy Cahn

1. Call Me Irresponsible/Shake Your Head from Side to Side/Rhythm Is ...
2. Shake Your Head (From Side to Side)
3. Rhythm Is Our Business
4. Please Be Kind
5. I've Heard That Song Before
6. Five Minutes More
7. I'll Walk Alone
8. It's Been a Long, Long Time
9. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
10. Christmas Waltz
11. Teach Me Tonight
12. Be My Love
13. Bei Mir Bist du Schn
14. All the Way
15. Tender Trap
16. Ev'rybody Has the Right to Be Wrong!
17. I Only Miss Him When I Think of Him
18. Walking Happy
19. Medley: Papa, Won't You Dance With Me?, Day by Day, Let It Snow! ...
20. Medley: Come Fly With Me/High Hopes/My Kind of Town



Pure Ella [Import, from US]
エラ・フィッツジェラルドElla Fitzgerald

1. Someone To Watch Over Me
2. My One And Only
3. But Not For Me
4. Looking For A Boy
5. I've Got A Crush On You
6. How Long Has This Been Going On?
7. Maybe
8. Soon
9. I'm Glad There Is You
10. What Is There To Say?
11. People Will Say We're In Love
12. Please Be Kind
13. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
14. Makin' Whoopee
15. Imagination
16. Star Dust
17. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
18. You Leave Me Breathless
19. Baby, What Else Can I Do?
20. Nice Work If You Can Get It



I'll Be Seeing You [BEST OF] [FROM US] [IMPORT]
Carmen McRae

ディスク: 2
2.Bye Bye Blackbird
4.I Remember Clifford
5.If I Were a Bell
6.Any Old Time
7.What's New?
8.Night We Called It a Day
9.Please Be Kind
10.Thrill Is Gone
11.By Myself
12.Do You Know Why?
13.More I See You
14.When Your Lover Has Gone
15.If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)
16.I Only Have Eyes for You
17.I'm Glad There Is You
18.Ain't Misbehavin'
19.I'll Be Seeing You
デスク1:20曲 デスク2:19曲


Sinatra-Basie [FROM US] [IMPORT]
Frank Sinatra

1.Pennies from Heaven
2.Please Be Kind
3.(Love Is) The Tender Trap
4.Looking at the World Through Rose Colored Glasses
5.My Kind of Girl
6.I Only Have Eyes for You
7.Nice Work If You Can Get It
8.Learnin' the Blues
9.I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself a Letter)
10.I Won't Dance

Count Basie (p), Freddie Green (gt), Buddy Catlett (b), Sonny Payne (dr), Fip Richard, Thad Jones, Sonny Cohn, Al Aarons (tp), Rufus Wagner, Henry Coker, Benny Powel (tb), Frank Foster, Eric Dixon (ts), Marshal Royal, Frank Wess (as), Charlie Fawlkes (bs), Frank Sinatra(vo)
Say It With a Kiss


1.Stop! You're Breaking My Heart
2.Loch Lomond
3.I'm Coming Virginia
4.Annie Laurie
5.Blue Skies
6.Easy to Love
7.Folks Who Live on the Hill
8.Nice Work If You Can Get It
9.It's Wonderful
10.Moments Like This
11.Please Be Kind
12.It Was a Lover and His Lass
13.Dark Eyes
14.Spring Is Here
15.Night and Day
16.Kinda Lonesome
17.Say It With a Kiss
18.If I Had a Ribbon Bow
19.Molly Malone
20.Heart You Stole from Me
21.Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
22.This Heart of Mine
23.Mad About the Boy
24.I Must Have That Man!
25.I Can't Get Started



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